Doing my first big(ger) day-hike tomorrow in Oregon. About 12 miles and I’m stoked. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend too! Anyone doing anything fun?

  1. pedanticmonster answered: Snowshoeing around Mt Hood on Sunday!
  2. maya-in-dakar answered: Where are you going? I just got back from an amazing day snowshoeing on Hood!
  3. positively-panicked answered: I was thinking of hiking tomorrow too. Hopefully everybody in the bay area will be indoors and I can have the trail to mysel.
  4. jacksonhorton answered: where at!?
  5. finding-elysium answered: Got lost on a hike once… by the time we found our way out it ended up being 17 miles total.
  6. illustratographer answered: where will you be hiking? i’m going to the punch bowl falls tomorrow with a friend!
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