Anonymous asked:

have you ever had sex in the woods? like, not in a tent but outside completely naked in the middle of the forest with nothing but nature around? unf, lets do it. ;)

Sex in the woods? I hear it’s in tents.

I punched myself in the face for that… but to answer your question, no I haven’t.

  1. lesleyintheskywithdiamonds said: If you’re smart, you take a crash pad with you. bed-to-go, still in nature.
  2. summertreesatmidnight said: I’ve totally done this so fucking awesome to get fucked while staring at the tree tops!
  3. wrucebane said: Don’t fucking do it I had mosquito bites on the bottom of my feet for weeks. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH IT SUCKS TO HIKE ON MOSQUITO BITES?
  4. reikaleipa said: its out of this world if you ever do- worth the thrill!
  5. youshallnotass said: i love you forever for making that pun. good job.
  6. thinkaholic said: Very wacked question.. indeed. intense ;) But for the record.. it’s amazeballs. the poison ivy was a minor token for the scenery of looking out across the mountains during the fall and watching the leaves whisper all around me.
  7. simply-spooky said: omfg best.