Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine is pretty awesome. I’m not affiliated with them or anything, they’re just trying to reach 9000 likes on their Facebook. If you’re in the Southeast or Mid-Atlantic, check them out!

It’s just always been one of my favorites in the area, thought I’d share.

Blue Ridge Outdoors

In other news, I’m moving to Oregon today! WAHOOO! Stopping and doing some hiking in Colorado. FYHiking going on a little hiatus. Take care!

  1. thefutureyousee said: You’ll be living within striking distance of the West Coast Trail.
  2. snototters4lyfe said: Good luck on your move!!!
  3. anniestrachan said: Congratulations!! So much awesome hiking in Oregon!! Be sure to make a trip to the coast, where the Willamette meets the ocean.
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