Anyone doing anything fun for spring break?

I have to work but I’m going backpacking March 7-9 and I’m COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS.

  1. infinite-and-indestructible answered: I’m going backpacking March 22-25. I’m excited!!!
  2. venusandthenativemoon answered: Went bouldering :)
  3. universal-wanderer answered: Camping, hiking, and mountain biking in Moab! Then to Denver to ski and see Umphrey’s!
  4. fossey13 answered: There might definitely be a trip into the North Cascades planned for spring break… or maybe a section of the Wonderland Trail…
  5. raddytravtastic answered: I have resolved to go hiking somewhere or die trying. :)
  6. sundaymorningatafuneral said: Ill be in Yosemite for 5 days :)
  7. nosophistry answered: It’s Autumn in Oz, but have a Howitt - Crosscut Saw - Mt. Speculation week long hike planned soon. See my acct for pics :) Will be perfect!
  8. staydaft answered: Hopefully getting all my friends back home from college and getting together fora camping trip :)
  9. mattbirnbaum answered: Ice climbing in the White Mountains, though I’d rather be hiking.
  10. eksmity answered: cabin in Lost River State Park, WV. good 11 mile Cranny Crow Overlook hike there…and its WV, so plenty of hiking!
  11. mygeocachingadventures answered: hiking Austin, Texas
  12. allsique answered: Corn-liquor production and a full alpine assault (snowboarding + hiking) in Northern Idaho.
  13. gennahoward answered: hiking/skiing in utah!
  14. ayntoe answered: backpacking through Chequamegon in northern Wisconsin! Its going to be my first time up there
  15. thresholdoftheuniverse answered: Mountain climbing in colorado
  16. mindr0lling answered: Moving to Norway!
  17. wherethewildthingsrow answered: I have Rowing practice :( but I guess it is in its own category of fun!
  18. robertmullen answered: Headed to the grand canyon/ Arizona for the first time! excited to roam around/ run in a sweet place
  19. itsthekansascityshuffle answered: going to Wales to test out a load of new climbing and hiking gear for my shop. It’s a paid trip!
  20. saere-nord answered: Spring break is when I stay home and catch up on home things because every child and young adult that walks the planet will be running amok.
  21. pocketforest answered: I’m visiting my boyfriend in Asheville, NC! SO much hiking and strolling to be done in them thar hills.
  22. sunnyskiies answered: HOTLANTA
  23. lost-and-unknown answered: Backpacking trip to do some trail clearing in the Ventana Wildnerness!
  24. balloonsthenanimals answered: Going backpacking for 5 days.
  25. brewcitytransfer answered: that’s awesome!! i’m headed out to oregon, hopefully I’ll be able to fit some hiking in!
  26. this-sunburnt-earth answered: I’m leading a backpacking/climbing HS trip in Joshua Tree for the 10 days before, then working at Covelo Live Power Farm, CA for the break :)
  27. hichikehoc answered: Going to the Smokey Mountains for the week!
  28. endless-teeth answered: hiking the mid state trail in mass! it’s gonna be great fun :D
  29. rhonda-lou answered: going to redwood national park with college buddies. it’s going to be spectacular.
  30. jorgenenen answered: hopefully cross country skiing all break on the north shore of minnesota
  31. catchmecarbon answered: my first week-long backpacking trip!
  32. indiewithhipstertendencies answered: I live 20 minutes away from the Southern Terminus of the AT so I’m planning on spending a good chunk of my spring break there!
  33. thinblueflame answered: For Spring and Summer I’ll be doing trail and river conservation work in Utah!
  34. adikdikisasmallantelope answered: CLIMBING. Even though I don’t really get a real spring break.
  35. autumnthefaerie answered: Going hiking in Switzerland!!!! :DDD
  36. livetheoutdoors answered: I don’t get a spring break, but I’m backpacking this weekend!
  37. azispaz answered: Still too cold here for backpacking. Got plenty of hiking plans though. Have fun on your trip! Where are you going?
  38. seltaire answered: I am going to be hiking various forests alongside Big Sur!
  39. run-run-as-fast-as-you-can answered: Going to New Orleans and Memphis! And doing some service projects
  40. upward-over-the-mountains said: going to big bend national park in Texas to backpack!
  41. thehumanspiritneedsnature answered: doing some hiking in Colorado!
  42. quietlyc0nfident answered: I’m going to Costa Rica for a family reunion!
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