Climbers, help!

I’m ordering some climbing shoes soon and need your opinion.

Edit THANKS! :)

On a budget so I’m thinking something like this:

Does anyone know anything about sizing? I’m a Women’s size 8 in daily life.

Or if anyone knows of anything cheaper/easier to deal with than this website, let me know, haha. Thanks a lot!

  1. dreaminupconcepts said: Always order a half step down from your regular shoe size. Evolo rubber stretches easily, so I would say go even further down so you can get a tight fit. Personally I like lace up shoes cause their a better fit.
  2. ispeakinriddles said: La Sportiva. Scarpa maybe be worth checking out as well. and Evolv’s are good for a budget. But yes, try them on. Fit is important.
  3. tenebroustomcat said: I use merrell trail gloves! I love them! Really light and dry really fast when they get wet!
  4. themountainscalled said: I know everyone has already said it, but definitely try them on before you buy them. The first pair of shoes I bought, I ordered without trying. Horrid decision. Evolv’s velco system is bomber though.
  5. itsthekansascityshuffle said: I’d say try them on! they will feel uncomfortable as i’m sure you are aware but you need to make sure you can really feel the wall (most stores have a small wall you can try against). Red chilli have a great velcro system that feels awesome.
  6. wildandcrazylife said: I would try them on first too… They are like women’s jeans- no two pair fit the same! I’d go with La Sportiva… Or 5-10’s personally. Love my Sportiva’s!
  7. rosiesway said: It’s really really great to go into a store and really try on a bunch of shoes, ask for help from the experts there. I’m so glad I went in and asked, otherwise I would have been lost. Tell them about your budget too, they should work with it.
  8. tylercard said: Definitely need to find somewhere to buy where you can try them on. It all depends on your feet, your climbing style, and what type of climbing you will be doing- Gym climbing? Bouldering? Faces? Cracks? Off-widths? There’s a different shoe for each.
  9. adikdikisasmallantelope said: I would definitely recommend finding somewhere to try them on. If you have an REI nearby, they normally sell EVOs, as well as Miuras, which are (IMO) a better shoe.
  10. classicallytrainedtokickyourass said: Evolv’s rubber isn’t as good as some of the other brands out there, but not a bad first shoe, if this is in fact your first climbing shoe. I might look into mad rock or 5.10, they usually have good quality shoes that cost less than an arm and a leg.
  11. checkitspulse said: Don’t just order them!!! Find somewhere that you can try them on, because climbing shoes can be very odd when it comes to sizing. I wear a size 12 shoes normally, and in all evolv shoes I’ve worn I wear a 11.5-12. But in LaSportiva, I wear a 10-10.5
  12. caro said: I splurged on La Sportivas and love them. You could check on GearTrade and see if there are any unused climbing shoes for sale - I think a lot of independent outdoors stores offload their excess inventory there. That’s how I get my Nau stuff :)
  13. an-ordinary-motorist said: I know this is kind of a sin, but i freaking love vibrams for climbing
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