Anonymous asked:

Do you feel like hiking the AT has changed your life completely? Do you look at things differently now?

Hmm, maybe? A lot of people go out there looking for that ~life-changing experience. A lot of people find it! I just had a good time. I suppose I do appreciate things a lot more now. Currently sitting in a warm, cozy bed with a dog and IT’S SO WONDERFUL. Showers are also really great now.

Anonymous asked:

Did you run into any people with major health issues on the AT? I'd love to do it but I have type 1 diabetes so I'm worried about carrying my medication and making sure I have enough on me at all times because I'll get really sick and possibly die without it :(

I know there have been quite a few with diabetes who have hiked throughout the years. I don’t have any experience with it myself, but there is a ton of information out there on it. Check out - a lot of forums about diabetes and the trail :] - found this one for ya:

Anonymous asked:

What did you do on rainy days? Did you keep hiking through the rain, or just stay in your tent and stay dry?

No rain, no Maine! We hiked. Got lucky a few times and missed some bad storms while in towns but we mostly just hiked through it. Nothing like being on a ridge in a lightning storm! (Gtf down)

Anonymous asked:

what were your expreriences prior to this hike? Did you do any other very long hike, or you only used to go to the mountains on the weekend (as you said I think)? Do you think there are some skills or any kind of knowledge that someone should have mastered before going into an adventure like yours, or "common sense" is enough and you'd figure it out and learn while on the road? Thanks <3

I hiked a lot, but mostly just whenever I could get out there. I had only spent a week camping in Utah prior to the hike. That was my longest trip. I honestly learned most of what I know now on the trail. Anyone can hike this trail, you learn a lot and everyone is willing to help you. My friend Wingin-It had no prior hiking/backcountry experience before setting out (hence the name) and he just finished a few days ago.

I’d say just be sure to test all your gear before you head out. That’s important.

Anonymous asked:

Do you have any pictures of your gear? How did you pack it all in? Was it easy to carry everything?

My instagram has all the pics! IG: baaconnn …gear pic and fully packed pic in there. Easy to carry everything :] A little heavy sometimes. You get packing your pack down to a science.

Anonymous asked:

What's a trail name?

A name you’re given on the trail. Most everyone uses a trail name instead of your real name. My favorite this year was “Tittycakes” …the guy wanted to be called TDK (Batman) and someone misheard him and thought he said Tittycakes. From then on, that was his name!

Anonymous asked:

(Not a hiker, and have no idea, just curious...) How many people do you encounter along the trail? Are there a ton of other hikers, or is it pretty quiet out there in most parts?

No worries! You encounter a lot of people! That’s the best part about it! (IMO)… if you want a more solitary hike, go SOBO :]

Anonymous asked:

What made you decide to drop the book and journal?

Weight! I just decided a lighter pack was worth dropping the “luxury items” ;) …loads of people keep their journals/books though. Kindles are super popular too.

Anonymous asked:

Did you end up using an inflatable or foam sleeping pad? Did you notice if one kind of pad in particular was popular and used more than others?

Inflatable… I started with a foam and quickly switched to inflatable. Hmm, I’d say it’s about 50/50. I just couldn’t sleep on the foam. Thermarest was probably the more popular brand that I saw.

Anonymous asked:

So I know nothing about the AT and things, but how did transportation work for you in terms of getting to the start and getting back home at the end?

No problem! It’s different for everyone, but I flew to Atlanta and had some friends drive us to the trailhead. When I finished, I had a ride to Jersey with my hiking buddy’s parents and then took a train home to VA.

There are shuttles you can call, though. And hitching to the nearest town from Katahdin is way easy.

dacphoto asked:

What made you drop the hammock? Weight? No opportunity for use? I'm old (50) and love the comfort. I use a Hennesey Ultralite Explorer (2.5lbs.). By the way, I've really enjoyed following your blog when I have the time. You have a great attitude and remind me of younger members of my family (nieces etc.). Cheers!

Thanks!! I didn’t sleep well the whole trip, but I found sleeping on the ground helped me a bit so I sent the hammock home to drop a pound. Was using a new brand - Butt in a Sling. Great hammocks! Ultra light and cheap.

LOTS of people used hammocks on the trail, though! Definitely do it if it works for you :]